Add a Stop from Favorites

There are a few ways to add Stops from Favorites: from Search Mode, from a Map Pin, and from a List. Each is described below. Stop pins will always populate in the same color as the Favorite they originate from. 

From Search Mode

First, enter Search Mode by tapping the circular “Add Stop” button at the bottom of the screen. When you type in the search bar, any matching Favorites should appear first, and then from the global search database. Search results that are Favorites are indicated by a star icon in the list. 

If you are not seeing your Favorites appearing in Search Mode, it’s possible you may have deactivated the necessary setting--restore with these steps:

From Map Pin

Favorites appear on the map as you add them. They are not automatically a part of any Route, even though they are displayed when in Map View. 

To add a Favorite to your Route from Map View, first make sure the correct Route is open. Then, just tap the Favorite, and tap Add to Route in the pop up menu. 

To quickly add multiple Favorites at a time, use Multi-Select Mode.

From a List

You can find a list of Favorites in the Favorites tab from the side menu, and at the bottom of the currently open Route in List View. The following technique to add a listed Favorite to your open Route works in either case.

First, make sure that the correct Route is open. Then, tap the Favorite you would like to add to your Route, and tap Add to Route in the pop up menu.

To add multiple Favorites at a time use Multi Select Mode. Activate Multi-Select Mode by tapping the grey circle around any Favorite icon, and select as many Favorites as you would like to add. Then, tap the grid icon in the top corner, and tap Create Stops.