Restoring Check-Ins

Restoring Individual Check-Ins

Restore individual Check-Ins by tapping the Stop, then tapping Restore

Re-Using a Route

Rather than restoring entire Routes in bulk to reuse them, we recommend a different process that will keep your app running smoothly (too much data on a Route can cause your app to lag!) 

Once your Route is built as you would like it to be, we recommend keeping that Route unused, to make sure you always have a good base point. It may be a good idea to name it template route or base route so you are sure which one it is.

Each time you would like to run the Route, duplicate this base Route. Learn how to duplicate Routes here. We recommend naming the copy with the date you intend to use the Route.

Once you open your copy, you can Check-In to Stops or make changes without impacting the original Route. You can then delete this used copy once you're done; your original will still be intact, and your Check-Ins will remain in your History.