Optimized Stop Limit

Each account tier has an Optimized Stop daily quota. Those quota are as follows: 

What counts as an Optimized Stop?

Depending on the size of your Route, Optimization takes a different amount of calculating. Each time you Optimize a Route, the number of Stops in that Route is subtracted from your total. 

For example, a Pro subscriber could Optimize a Route with 50 Stops 10 times in one day before reaching the limit. 

Why is there a Limit?

Optimizing takes a large amount of calculating, both on our servers and on your mobile device. We impose limits to keep the RoadWarrior subscription costs low, and also to save you from using too much data! 

I keep hitting the limit, what can I do?

Our team is happy to chat with you about your situation, and to brainstorm ways we can decrease how often you need to re-Optimize. Reach us at support@roadwarrior.app at any time with questions.