Visit Time

Visit Time is your best estimate of how long a certain Stop will take, in minutes. This helps us predict the time you will spend on the road, which our algorithm takes into account when scanning traffic patterns to create your Route. 

There are a few ways to manipulate visit time for your Stops. Read about each below.

Default Visit Time:

You can set or modify your Default Visit Time from the Settings page in the side menu. Changing the default will not impact any existing Stops, and will only affect changes going forward.

For One Stop:

Adjust the Visit Time on any individual Stop by tapping the Stop, tapping Edit, then tapping Visit Time at the bottom. The override default switch will toggle “on” if the Visit Time is changed.

For Multiple Existing Stops:

Adjust the Visit Time on multiple Stops at a time using Multi-Select Mode.

For Bulk Uploads:

The bulk upload tool allows you to add the visit time for each Stop under the visit time column. If left blank, uploaded Stops will inherit the default Stop time set in your app’s settings.