Optimization minimizes your time on the road by calculating the most efficient Route. RoadWarrior’s Optimization includes data like traffic and speed limits in its calculations, and is customizable to suit your needs.

How to Optimize:

Once your Stops have been added, Optimize your Route by tapping Order Stops at the bottom of your screen. (Haven’t added Stops yet? Check out our guide on creating your first Route, which will walk you through the full process).

From there, if you are happy with the default Optimization settings, just tap Optimize and RoadWarrior will create your Route, and display a Route Summary. Learn to customize Optimization settings in the next section.

Custom Optimization Settings

Edit settings when you first make your Route, or after tapping Order Stops. Settings may be hidden, tap Show Options on the Order Stops page to access the customization menu.

  • One Way/Round Trip - set whether your Route starts and ends at the same location, or in different locations
  • Fastest/Shortest - fastest travel time vs. shortest distance
  • Driving/Biking/Walking - transportation method of choice
  • Avoid - set your Routes to avoid Highways, Tolls, and/or Ferries
  • Start Time - set the date/time of your Route
  • Start Location - learn how to set the Start/End Points here

Additional Ways to Customize your Route

Looking to set your Route yourself?

Check out our guide on Manual Ordering.