Filtering and Tags

RoadWarrior allows you to Filter out Stops and Favorites from your view. To activate a filter, tap the three dot more icon in the top right of Map View, then select Filter Pins

Choose whether you would like to Filter Stops or Favorites.

We have a host of native Filtering options, but you may also choose to create custom Filters with Hashtags. Read below to determine which case is best for you. 

Custom Hashtags

Create custom hashtags in the Notes section of any Stop or Favorite. Our hashtags work just like Twitter: include them anywhere in the text of your note, and our filter will pick them up. Please do not include punctuation or spaces in your hashtag. 

Good hashtag: #morningHours

Bad hashtag: #available in Morning. (our system will only pick up “#available”)

You can filter for many hashtags at a time. 

If you toggle “Match Every Hashtag” to ON, only pins with all of the hashtags will display. If it is OFF, any pin with even one hashtag will display. 

Clearing Filters

You will know if you have any active filters because a red funnel will appear in your top bar. To deactivate the Filters, tap the funnel, then Clear All Filters at the bottom of the page. 

You can also clear only Stop Filters or only Favorite Filters by tapping on those individual sections, and selecting the clear option at the bottom of those pages.