Spreadsheet Upload

Pro subscribers have access to our spreadsheet upload tool, which allows you to bulk-upload Stops with an Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheet. We ask users to follow our upload template guidelines to promote accuracy. 

NEW: Users can also upload a plain text file (.txt) or type or copy + paste a list of addresses instead of using the .xlsx template file. 

Are you a FedEx or OnTrac contractor looking for direct manifest uploads? Reach us at support@roadwarrior.app and we'll set you up.


Find the upload template here, then fill out as instructed. Do not modify the first row of the sheet. For a complete list of template guidelines, see the section below.

2. Upload the spreadsheet through the RoadWarrior Web App

Access the RoadWarrior Web App here. If you run into issues, check out our troubleshooting guide below, or reach our team at support@roadwarrior.app for assistance.

3. Check your mobile device for the uploaded Route

If you have app notifications enabled, you will get a notification indicating successful upload. You may need to manually sync your mobile app from the bottom of the side menu. 

Template Guidelines

Do not modify the header row (row 1)--this row gives important information to our system that helps categorize the data. 

Required Columns:

In general, the required columns have a green header; the rest are supplementary. Required columns, along with any notes, are listed below:

*If you add the city and state, you do not need a postal code; if you add a postal code, you do not need the city/state information.

Optional Columns:


Here are a few troubleshooting tips for the most common issues if you get stuck:

Geocoding Error Correction 

Geocoding Errors can be corrected directly in the Web App as long as Upload Error Handling is turned On. To enable this feature:

If a Geocoding Error occurs, you'll be able to correct the pin by:

How to Upload Using Google Sheets

We've updated our user guide to reflect access to our new RoadWarrior Web App. Looking for the User Site Tutorial instead? Click here to see the archive.